Yes. To remain anonymous, make sure that you do not provide information that will directly or indirectly disclose your identity when filling out forms and when attaching documents.
Access to your identity in the application is restricted to the authorized staff members of the organization. The organization is required to ensure that your identity is not disclosed to anyone beyond the authorised staff members competent to receive or follow up on reports, without your explicit consent. This also applies to any other information from which your identity may be directly or indirectly deduced. Your identity and any other information referred to in the preceding paragraph may be disclosed only where this is a necessary and proportionate obligation imposed by Union or national law in the context of investigations by national authorities or judicial proceedings, including with a view to safeguarding the rights of defence of the person concerned.
No. In order to ensure confidentiality and anonymity, we do not store IP addresses and time stamps.
Your report will be processed by the authorized staff of the organization, according to the organization’s own procedures for internal reporting and follow-up. Trusty AG will not process your report, nor access its content.
According to the EU Whistleblowing Directive you should be provided feedback on your report no later than in 3 months. Refer to the organization’s policies and national laws for any specifics. The feedback is required to inform you of the action envisaged or taken as follow-up and of the grounds for such follow-up. However, the EU Whistleblowing Directive does not define any time limit within which the follow-up actions need to have been completed by the organization.
Yes. You can follow the process by clicking on "My inbox". The link will direct you to the inbox log in page where you will need to enter the username and password that you will receive after submitting the report. The inbox allows you to follow the processing of your report, communicate securely with the organization and receive its feedback on your report.
Yes. After submitting your report you are assigned a username and a password to access the inbox, regardless whether you disclose your identity or not.
Retaliation means that because of the reporting you experience any direct or indirect act or omission which occurs in a work-related context and which causes or may cause unjustified detriment to you.
Whistleblowers reporting in good faith benefit from protection against retaliation. Please refer to the organization’s policies and respective national laws for details.
Please refer to the organization’s contact details and information in the footer of the application web-page.